999 Fine Silver Jewellery

999 Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay was developed in the early 1990’s in Japan by a genius metallurgist called Masaki Morikawa. The development of this product has allowed crafters or self-taught jewellers to be able to make jewellery to a high standard without the years of study needed to make fine [...]

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Intarsia Stone Design

Intarsia Stone Design I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months learning and trying to perfect my stone cutting skills. Whilst researching how to do this I came across some articles about stone inlay and something called Intarsia. Intarsia is something that at some point in time many [...]

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Earring Workshop

Earring Workshop I ran a workshop on how to make a pair of earrings using semi-precious stones and sterling silver. Not only did we all have a blast, but everyone made a fabulous pair of earrings that they can wear and be proud of. 'A lovely couple of hours - great fun! [...]

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Bumblebee Jasper – Part 1

Bumblebee Jasper - Part 1 I first came across this wonderful stuff in an article in the Lapidary Journal and was immediately transfixed by it. For some reason the flamboyant colours really appeal to me and I found myself staring at images of it on the internet for hours. I finally found [...]

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Medical Alert Tags

Medical Alert Tags The latest from SRJ is going to take Qatar by sand storm! SRJ has started designing and making a range of Medical Alert tags. The top tag depicts the universal medical symbol while the back tag will highlight the medical or allergy issue. Medical Alert tags can be functional [...]

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Diamond Ring Care

Diamond Ring Care A lot of people believe that myth that your diamond should be cleaned with a brush and a bit of toothpaste. It may work, but it has nothing to do with the toothpaste – you could just use the brush and that would work. However, it doesn’t work as efficiently [...]

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