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Bumblebee Jasper – Completed!

I have cut two stones so far in this lovely stuff. This turned out to be a very wise move on my part as the lovely lady who built my web site, looks after it and puts up all of my Facebook posts, (and generally manages everything for me!) recently had a birthday.

Like me, Julie fell in love with the colourful Bumblebee Jasper. Her wonderful and generous husband, Richard contacted me and asked me if I had done anything with the stone that I had written my blog about.

I still can’t find it!

Sarah Reece Jewellery - Bumblebee Jasper

The Front

Now, I can be a little bit obsessive with things for a time and once that obsession wanes then I become a bit careless. The perfect example of this is with the stone that I cut that is featured in my blog. I was so pleased with it and couldn’t stop looking at it for a really long time. It sat next to me on my workbench whilst I imagined all of the amazing pieces of jewellery that I could turn it in to. When Richard asked me about it I suddenly realised that I hadn’t seen it for a while… I turned my workshop upside-down looking for it. It’s gone! A month after Richard first contacted me I still can’t find it!

Anyway, It doesn’t matter because as I said – thankfully, I cut two. Obviously the second one was better.

Sarah Reece Jewellery - Bumblebee Jasper - back

The Back

This stone is so lovely to work with and I wanted to make something that was simple so that the wearer and the people who look at the person wearing it can enjoy it without a lot of fuss. It’s all about the stone and I didn’t want anything to detract from that.

I created a cabochon in a fancy shape with a simple rub over setting on a short chain.

It looks fab on Julie and I couldn’t be more pleased that it went to such a good home.

If this stone has been of any interest to you then I suggest that you look in to ordering some in the near future. My recent searches on the internet have shown that the recent hauls from the mines have produced far less vivid coloured stones. I feel that the vibrant yellows and oranges that you see in my blog are a thing of the past. It’s a sad fact that nothing lasts forever! But I guess that’s what makes it so special.