Sarah Reece Jewellery

Kingdom Gems – Doha

I was first told about Kingdom Gems around 4 years ago by a lovely lady who used to visit their shop frequently to get things made.

I was looking for a place in Doha that I would be able to outsource work to now and again. I also wanted to try and find a reliable source over here that would cover the fine jewellery side of things for me. So I would be able to design the jewellery and they could make it.

We have now worked on quite a few jobs together and the results have been fantastic.

In all of these years I have seen our customers get some beautiful things made and have never had anything done myself. I know that you are probably thinking – ‘You’re a jeweller – why don’t you just make it yourself’. I make jewellery because I love it! I love it so much that I know that I will never have enough of it. There is something extremely satisfying about being given a piece of jewellery that you haven’t had to make yourself. And for every birthday and Christmas I ask my husband for jewellery. I like collectible pieces and pieces that are completely original and handmade. This year for Christmas I decided it was time to get Yaseer and the guys at Kingdom to make me something.

I picked a stone from my collection that I have had for 15 years and is of great sentimental value to me. It’s a huge Smokey Quartz, checkerboard, trilliant cut. I’ve always wanted to make something out of it and never really got round to it.

On Christmas morning a large size ring box was waiting for me under the tree…

Christmas Pressie!

On Christmas morning a large size ring box was waiting for me under the tree and I was nervous about opening it. Not because I don’t trust Yaseer implicitly, but because I wondered if I had chosen something that was so large that it would look ridiculous. And that was the main criteria for me – I wanted something that was large and blingy… but not too blingy… Fussy or what?!

When I opened the box up I was really impressed. It was everything that I wanted and with a little tweak to the design as well. It’s made it in to the top five best pieces of jewellery that I have ever owned! I have to tell you that if there if something on the fine jewellery side of things that you need doing then these are the guys that you need to go and see. They are awesome to deal with and extremely efficient. I can’t recommend them enough.

They have a shop in the old gold souq near the bus station and you can find them on Facebook. The shop number is 44324835 – ask for Yaseer. Or e-mail them.